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Modified date 2017/07/14

Condition monitoring for gearboxes on the HUSUM Wind 2017


Condition monitoring at the drive train of wind turbine generators is a key issue at the HUSUM Wind 2017. The GfM is present with state-of-the-art, technically leading products. The Peakanalyzer online condition monitoring system as well as the mobile twelve-channel diagnostic device PeakStore5 are presented by well-known experts in this field. Solutions for foundation monitoring as well as the services of videoendoscopy and blade bearing diagnostics complete the portfolio.

Precisely in the case of wind turbine generator, condition monitoring is an integral part of operator management. This is because the financial impact of a too late detected damage is simply considerably higher than the costs for online monitoring. Maintenance measures can be planned. Secondary damages up to the total loss of the system is effectively avoided. However, even if there are investment restrictions for online systems, the recurring mobile diagnosis by means of offline technology already provides a great measure of security against unplanned downtime.

The costs for condition monitoring consist of today's mostly manageable one-time acquisition costs for systems as well as from ongoing costs for monitoring. Systems can be purchased or leased. On the other hand, ongoing costs are recurring, regardless of whether the monitoring itself is carried out or a service partner such as the GfM. However, the monitoring costs can be kept extremely low by using very far-reaching automated systems. And it was precisely automation that was important in GfM systems.

The basis for this is a very good quality of vibration data. The measurement is usually carried out with high-resolution acceleration sensors, with a high sampling frequency and a long measuring time. Order analysis is used for the diagnosis. Thus, speed variance has no effect, and the measurement results are absolutely reliable. The vibration assessment is performed fully automatically by the comparison of significant peaks in spectra with kinematic damage frequency patterns. It is only when the system finds clear indications of a possible damage that human expertise is asked, which then makes a maintenance decision.

In Husum you will find our products at booth 5B29. Designated experts from our company will be happy to explain to you the systems and techniques. We are looking forward to your visit.

We will provide detailed and in-depth knowledge on damage to mechanical drives and vibration diagnostics in the seminar "Condition Monitoring on gearboxes and rolling bearings" from 26 to 27 September 2017 in Berlin. We look forward to your interest. The seminar is in german language.

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