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Condition Monitoring Protects Man and Machine!

Machines and devices in households subject restrictions. Therefore they are considered to be very safe at an appropriate use. Such strict requirements can hardly be implemented in the area of production plants. In addition, much higher mechanical performances are transferred. That leads to an increasing risk.

The unexpected breakdown of drive elements may have an impact on single machines and finally also on the entire production line. In the worst case, the whole factory work floor can be destroyed. In addition, the staff on-site is endangered.

Condition Monitoring can identify a lot of damages of mechanical drives at a very early stage. For example, if premature damages are detected on a roller bearing, the bearing can be observed. So it is possible to react to the slightest change, immediately. At the same time, maintenance works can be initiated.

At a glance

  • Condition Monitoring detects damages in time.
  • Damages on machines and production lines can be avoided.
  • The risk of the staff on-site decreases.

An overheated bearing combined with combustible material may cause a fire. Even if you are well-prepared and such fires are extinguished in the early stage, some negative feelings still remain.  Furthermore, you have to answer the questions of the fire department and the professional association.

A Condition Monitoring system provides a significant contribution to identify the sources of accidents on mechanical drives, in time. Consequential damages are avoidable.

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