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Cranes are required for lots of applications. A sophisticated Condition Monitoring is not always profitable. However, for cranes, from which a complex production process directly depends, a monitoring is absolutely needed:

  • Floating cranes with extremely high load capacity for special applications, or
  • Cranes in foundries, or
  • Cranes in steel- and roller mills, or
  • Container cranes in ports.

The motors, the gears, the drum bearings, the bearings of the pulley and of course all drives and wheels of the crane travelling and the trolley travelling, are monitored. By condition monitoring, online or offline, irregularities can be detected at an early stage. Visual inspection, if necessary supplemented by endoscopy, can confirm the diagnosis. Heavy dynamic phenomena can often be described by a torque measurement.

CMS on a crane – a special task

All drives of cranes only run for short distance. A crane hook can only be driven from the bottom up or top-down. The trolley jib can run as far as the crane is wide, but no further. Therefore, the available time for data collection is limited, on the one hand. On the other hand, a long measurement time is required to ensure a good diagnosis quality. This task has been solved by the adaption of specific trigger algorithms.

Floating crane
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