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Condition Monitoring and Industry 4.0

The term industry 4.0 is currently brought to life. The federal government has only launched an initiative for the introduction of the fourth technological revolution and placed a few keywords. The concrete design is left to the economy. Consequently, people talk about very different interpretations at conferences. From "We don't need!" to "We are already producing this way!" the whole range is operated.

But what is meant?

In the literature various systematizations are found. Often, the mechanization by means of water and steam power called the first technological revolution. The second technological revolution is then the introduction of mass production with the help of assembly lines and electrical power. The third one is the digital revolution, characterized by the use of electronic engineering and computer technology to automate production processes. By the fourth techno-logical revolution the strong customization of products under conditions of highly flexible production is meant. Often, as an example, industrial series production down to batch size of one is called.

And what does that have to do with Condition Monitoring?

The maintenance does not feel the focus of political attention particularly regarding industry 4.0. But that is not entirely new. Since until now, it is often talked about maintenance only if something is not working. Nonetheless, maintenance plays a significant part in ensuring that production works. And this is unlikely to change in industry 4.0. On the contrary! The technical demands

on production plants are already rising enormously by the requirement for flexibility. It will be important to know the damage state of a machine at an early stage to provide reliability for a determinable period. And latest by this way Condition Monitoring belongs to industry 4.0.

For Condition Monitoring offers huge possibilities for securing of availability and reliability of production!

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