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Condition Monitoring is our Competence

Going with a disease already at the first sign to the doctor, the chances of a quick cure is greatest. If you wait on the other hand, until the organism is completely weakened, you must often take a longer healing period in purchasing.

For drive trains it is similar. The earlier you detect an irregularity, the greater the range of ways to prevent an unplanned plant downtime and consequential damages. The prerequisite is that one detects irregularities at an early stage.

Condition Monitoring is your key to:

  • Cost-effectiveness of production and production facilities
  • Occupational safety
  • Sustainable use of raw material resources

Since 1999 we are for our clients a reliable partner and offer:

  • Online Condition Monitoring System „Peakanalyzer“
  • Monitoring Service for Online Condition Monitoring Systems
  • Offline Vibration Analysis as full service
  • Analysis service for Offline Vibration Measurements from third parties
  • Devices for Vibration Diagnosis
  • Torque Measurements
  • Visual Inspection and Video Endoscopy of gearboxes
  • Seminars Machinery Diagnostic
  • Consultation
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