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Peakanalyzer SE

The Peakanalyzer SE of GfM is an inexpensive special edition for experts using their own diagnosis tools. Time signals, spectra, envelope curve spectra, order spectra and envelope curve order spectra are calculated. Those can be visualized directly by means of the Peakanalyzer Manager, but can also be exported unrestricted into customer-owned analysis tools.

Furthermore the Peakanalyzer SE can calculate characteristic values according to DIN ISO 10816 and VDI guideline 3834 and others, such as the effective value from the envelope curve signal, from measurement values. These characteristic values are monitored for previously defined limit values and are used for alarm generation.

Who wants to upgrade to the full version of the Peakanalyzer later on, can do this uncomplicated for all or a part of the hardware-sided installed canals by activation codes. Therefore a one-year or unlimited license has to be purchased. The full version includes a fully automated monitoring of complex drives by DVS-analysis and searching for kinematic damage  patterns – as it is known from the Peakanalyzer.

In addition  to the  maximum of 32 vibration canals up to 32 canals for monitoring of  process values are available for the Peakanalyzer SE by using statistical characteristic values.

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