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Lift Bridges, Bascule Bridges, Locks, Boat Lifts, Elevators

In many technical fields there are roller bearings which in the one hand move big loads, but whose rotational speed in the other hand is very low. Often such bearings realize no full rotation in one operation, or the rotational speed is subject to extreme variations. In addition to classical damage mechanisms sometimes it comes to inadequate lubrication due to long standstill phase, which can also lead to damage.

Due to the low rotational speed, classic vibration diagnostic methods are often useless for a reliable diagnosis.

GfM has developed a method that allows the diagnosis of extremely slow-running bearings. The data acquisition is performed with sensors in the immediate vicinity of the bearing to be diagnosed. For the measurement, the bearing is rotated to the maximum possible deflection. The measurement results allow the assessment of local bearing damage on the inner ring, outer ring and rolling elements, as far as vibrations arise.

Process of the Diagnosis:

  • On the bearing several dis-placement sensors and a speed sensor are applied.
  • Data are collected with the PeakStore.
  • The evaluation takes place in the office.
Bascule bridges
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