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PeakStore5 – Technical Data

Signal inputs

  • 12 or 8 or 4 inputs for accelerometers (ICP) or sensors with voltage output (± 10 V), sampling frequency for each channel separate up to 51.2 kHz, bandwidth 0.1 Hz ... 20 kHz 
    (-3 dB) @ 51.2 kHz, 24-bit amplitude resolution, four-pole LEMO connector with automatic locking and unlocking
  • 2 speed inputs, sampling frequency 5 kHz, count frequency 16 MHz, three-pole LEMO connector

Data acquisition

  • Simultaneous recording of all channels
  • 8 different measurement times of 1.5 s to 164 s or unlimited
  • Start and stop via separate function key or touch control
  • Display of the speed
  • Display of r.m.s. of vibration velocity of all channels in a second interval
  • Display of the measurement time and the measurement configuration
  • Display of time signals and order spectra during the measurement
  • Smartphone App for remote control of the measurement and display of r.m.s. of vibration velocity and speed

Storage medium

  • Internal SSD hard disk with 30 GB free space, for 300 measurements with 41 s

Data exchange

  • Reading and displaying of the measurement data is done with the software Peakanalyzer Manager directly on the tablet
  • Export of measurement data to an USB stick, a network drive or a FTP-Server.

Power supply

  • 12...19 V DC
  • Internal lithium-ion battery with up to 5.5 hours run time
  • 1 connector for external sensor supply, e.g. 24 V DC battery for distance sensors, two-pole LEMO connector


  • PeakStore5: H/W/L: 198/272/45 mm, ~2.5 kg


  • Operating temperature: 5 °C ... 40 °C
  • Storage temperature: -20 °C ... 70 °C


  • Peakanalyzer Manager (included)
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