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Paper Production

There is a variety of rotating rolls in paper machines. They ensure that the liquid raw mixture is transformed to dry paper between headbox and reeler. The rollers are rotating because of different motor-gear assemblies.

Even a defect on only one bearing can disrupt the production process considerably. In this case, the machine has to be stopped and later started up again. This is a fairly complex process. Therefore, the predictive maintenance is especially recommended for paper machines.

A modern Condition Monitoring with the Peakanalyzer provides a decisive contribution to a better machine capacity utilization and improved cost efficiency. But the periodic offline vibration diagnosis is often sufficient to avoid a large percentage of failures. In paper machines sometimes occurring rotational irregularities can be described very accurately by torque analysis and thus assign a cause.

CMS on a paper machine

The Peakanalyzer is ideally suited for monitoring the gearbox, in particular, but also for all motor- and roller bearings. The sensors are attached to the measuring points and usually connected by an junction box with the Peakanalyzer. The sensors of different Peakanalyzer are logically summarized in the software Peakanalyzer Manager and treated as a single condition monitoring system. 

The speed is measured at the drives or can also be imported from a signal that is sent from the control center.

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