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Installation, Configuration and Commissioning

The installation of the accelerometers is very easy. For each sensor, a small mounting base is glued on the machine. The sensor itself is screwed. Now, the sensor cables are connected to the Peakanalyzer. The power supply and a network cable is connected, too. 

The Peakanalyzer has to be supplied with some basic information. These are the kinematic data of the drive and a few fundamental definitions. The correct connection of all sensors can be checked again. The relevant menus are avail-able. Thereafter, the Peakanalyzer can be put into operation, immediately. Now, the system starts the monitoring.

Input of the sensor data
Input of the drive elements
Input of the diagnostic conditions

Recommended positioning of accelerometers:

  • Motor B-bearing: radial
  • Motor A-bearing: radial and axial
  • Planetary gear stage: drive end and output side, radial
  • Cylindrical gear stage: drive end and output side, radial
Check the sensors
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