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Condition Monitoring Increases Your Profit!

Imagine, you already know in February, which bearing have to be replaced in September! And even better: You also know, that all other drive elements are working properly. Would not that be sensational?  Without any stress, panic and insecurity, you can calmly organize maintenance works. You will order the spare parts, tools, the necessary personnel and everything will be repaired, on time.  

This is not an utopia. Modern Condition Monitoring can do it. Even the smallest damages on bearings and gears are visible. Usually, that’s possible already several months before breakdown. 

Sure, the installation of a condition monitoring system will cost a little money. But this investment will be amortized already after the first damage. 

The advantages at a glance

  • Using Condition Monitoring, you will usually find out, that most of the drive elements show no abnormalities. For the plant operator this is very comfortable, because more than 90 percent of all damages, caused by inertia or wear, can be detected a very long time before.
  • However, if a damage occurs, it can be detected by the CMS early enough to schedule maintenance works. “Fire-fighting operations” are avoided.
  • The CMS will help to organize maintenance works. Even before opening the drive, you exactly know, which component have to be repaired. Maintenance can run more efficiently. Downtime can be shortened.
  • Spare parts, maintenance tools, maintenance staff and all resources can be organized in the long term. Extra charges for express delivery and overtime bonuses for the maintenance staff can be avoided.
  • The development of a damage can be reconstructed by Condition Monitoring. Harmful influences can be identified. The drive can be optimized.

An airbag is installed in almost every car. Usually, they are not used. Nevertheless, no one comes up with the idea, that airbags are a bad investment. You know, that you are better protected in case of an accident and that´s why all financial doubts disappear very quickly.

A Condition Monitoring System for mechanical drives have to be evaluated similarly. As long as the drive is running without any damage, every monitoring system is a bad investment. But if only one single damage can be detected early enough, the saved loss of production exceeds the investment costs of the CMS many times over.

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