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Peakanalyzer – Technical Data

Signal inputs

  • up to 64 fast inputs for accelerometers (IEPE) in the range ± 5 V, sampling frequency 50 kHz, bandwidth 20 kHz, amplitude resolution 16 Bit. Alternatively inductive displacement sensors (2,67 V/mm) or voltage (± 10 V), sampling frequency 100 kHz, band-width 30 kHz, amplitude resolution 16 Bit
  • automatic detection of broken wires of connected accelerometers
  • up to 32 inputs for collecting of further measured values e.g. the drive power 
    • ± 10 V, amplitude resolution 16 Bit
    • 0 ... 20 mA, amplitude resolution 16 Bit
    • Pt100, amplitude resolution 16 Bit
    • strain gauge, amplitude resolution 24 Bit
    • Profibus
    • sampling frequency adjustable 1 Hz ... 1 kHz,
    • storage of statistical sizes, e.g. minimum, maximum or average value, is adjustable between multiple values per minute and one value per hour up
  • up to 16 speed inputs, measurement of impulse time point, accuracy 1 ns. Optionally speed input via A/B-Lane with measurement of rotating direction. Alternatively speed input via Profibus
  • distributed mounting of signal inputs in the field via LAN (up to 100 m) or fibre optical cable (up to 2 km) possible

Automatic monitoring

  • event based diagnosis for two speed ranges and two power ranges per machine
  • start of measurements can be controlled via digital inputs, speed input or process input calculation
  • calculation of spectra and envelope curve spectra with 32,768 lines, adjustable to 20 kHz, 10 kHz, 5 kHz, 2.5 kHz, 1.25 kHz, 625 Hz, 312.5 Hz and 156 Hz
  • order spectra and envelope curve order spectra with 32,768 lines with a speed depending resolution
  • automatic detection of significant peaks in spectra, envelope curve spectra, order spectra and envelope curve order spectra by DVS (Drive Vibration Significance analysis)
  • characteristic values according to DIN ISO 10816-3
  • characteristic values according to VDI-3834 0.1 Hz ... 10 Hz, 10 Hz ... 1 kHz, 10 Hz ... 2 kHz, 10 Hz .. 5 kHz
  • online RMS of vibration velocity, vibration acceleration and vibration acceleration of envelope with adjustable filter frequency
  • monitoring of threshold exceeding of configured characteristic values and process factors
  • generation of found peaks (amplitude and significance, frequency/ order) as diagnostic attributes
  • storage of characteristic values in case of an alarm
  • storage of spectra, envelope curve spectra, order spectra and envelope curve order spectra in case of an alarm
  • storage of time signals in case of an alarm
  • measurement data can be saved up to 3 months (adjustable) on the Peakanalyzer
  • querying of alarm states over Ethernet
  • output of characteristic value alarms and process factor alarms via Profibus or signaling via digital outputs

Alarm dealing

  • Alarms can be acknowledged by software. This ensures that the same alarm will only be generated again if there are higher vibration values (indirect tendency monitoring).

Documentation of machine life

  • cyclic storage of diagnostic attributes and characteristic values
  • cyclic storage of spectra, envelope curve spectra, order spectra and envelope curve order spectra
  • cyclic storage of time signals

Other features

  • individual rights for accessing the Peakanalyzer
  • the monitoring configuration is stored on the Peakanalyzer, automatic start by connection of the supply voltage
  • short-time-UPS for saving important data on power failure
  • voltage supply range 230 V, typical < 40 W, maximum 80 W
  • steel plate box, IP 65
    • gauges typical 300 mm x 300 mm x 120 mm, larger boxes if required
    • weight about 7 kg
    • cable glands
  • operating temperature range 5 °C ... 40 °C
  • storage temperature -20 °C ... 70 °C
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