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Why is always the same bearing damaged?
Why does the machine vibrate?
Why does the workpiece obtain a pattern?

Why is the foundation destroyed?
Why is a torque arm damaged ?
Why does the inverter signal overload?

Such questions often appear after the commissioning of production equipment or technological changes. Normally, such questions can not be so easy answered.
But with the help of different measurements annoying phenomena can once be described. And then a solution is quickly found in dialogue with the plant constructors, usually.

Application of measurement equipment

A Vibration analysis is often the first step. It is checked whether kinematic recordable vibrational excitations are present, or briefly if a shaft, a gear or a roller bearing is the troublemaker.

Next, the vibrations are examined for excitations that have nothing to do with the kinematics. This may be extern excitation or eigenfrequencies.

If all this doesn't lead to the goal often the analysis of the torsional vibrations is helpful. For this, a torque measuring point is applied, and measurement data are collected in representative operating points. Perhaps vibrations are now visible that were not expected.

All these steps will help to visualize problems. The detailed analysis of adverse situations and above all a real solution will be generally possible only together with the customer.

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