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Baseanalyzer – the Foundation Monitoring System

In recent years, was reported increasingly about problems on foundations of wind turbines. But also in other industries this problem is not unknown. The Baseanalyzer is able to measure effects that foundation returns due to movements. Basically normal operating situations are used. There is no artificial induction of forces required, which would result in a negative impact on the life of a machine or a foundation.

By combining distance and strain measurement is checked whether movements are within the elasticity of the foundation section or exceed it. It is also determined how large the distances are, that the components move to each other.

The Baseanalyzer is technically identical to the Peakanlyzer - only the inputs match the specific measuring task. The Baseanalyzer can be delivered as a separate system or as a subsystem for the Peakanalyzer.

The configuration of the Baseanalyzer is done via the software Peakanalyzer Manager, as well as the analysis of the data. Using the Peakanalyzer Manager it is also adjustable, in which situations the Baseanalyzer is intended to provide an alarm immediately. This is possible via email or SMS.

A detailed analysis of the results by measurements over a longer period of weeks or months will be performed with the software Peakanalyzer Manager. This software is also suitable for visualizing the results.

Concrete foundation
Distance sensor
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