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WindEnergy Hamburg 2022

Hamburg Messe und Congress, Messeplatz 1, 20357 Hamburg

The WindEnergy Hamburg trade fair is an international trade fair for the wind industry. More than 1,400 national and international exhibitors present their current products and services at WindEnergy Messe Hamburg and represent the entire value chain of the wind industry, both for the onshore and offshore sectors. The range of exhibits includes systems and components, planning and implementation, materials, production and storage, as well as maintenance, certification and quality management. The WindEnergy Hamburg Messe reflects both the dynamism of the industry and the development in current and future key markets around the world.

GfM presents the mobile condition monitoring system PeakStore5 with either four, eight or twelve channels for connecting vibration sensors. The speed is recorded at the same time. In this way, the frequency-selective diagnosis of variable-speed drivetrains is possible without any problems. The software also enables to generate the speed information after measuring, for example from the meshing frequency.

With the PeakStore5, the operational balancing of rotors with one or two correction planes at variable speed is possible. The balancing quality can be calculated on the basis of vibration acceleration and vibration velocity signals. Test and balancing weights can be at fixed or variable positions at different rotor radii. The removal of masses can also be calculated.

The online condition monitoring system Peakanalyzer shines with its excellent diagnostic reliability. Order spectra and envelope curve order spectra are formed from high-frequency recorded vibration signals, in which a fully automatic search is made for significant frequencies that match a damage pattern. Only then does a person have to take action and make a maintenance decision. Since wear damage to gears and rolling bearings is usually announced several weeks to months before the failure, it is sufficient to react to alarms during normal working hours. A new feature is an automatic report generator.

But also the services of GfM are of interest to operators of complex production plants. Regular inspections of production facilities, once or twice a year, reveal most wear-based damage to industrial gear units in good time. This can be supplemented by visual assessment of the tooth flanks - if necessary with the help of a video endoscope. If problems arise, the cause of which is initially unclear, a torsional vibration analysis can be carried out in addition to the vibration diagnosis. As a rule, all influences on a drive can be clearly visualized in this way.

We invite you to get comprehensive advice from our experienced staff at the trade fair. You can experience directly what the systems and services of GfM can do. Of course we are also open to suggestions. More than once, a friendly conversation with customers was the initial spark for a new product feature. You will find us in Hamburg at booth A1.133.

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