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Modified date 2016/08/17

WindEnergy Hamburg 2016: PeakStore512 - Offline vibration diagnosis for wind turbines

At the WindEnergy Hamburg 2016 GfM presents the offline vibration diagnostics system PeakStore512 for the first time. The system has been specially developed for measurements on wind turbines. 12 vibration channels and one speed channel are measured, contemporaneous.
It is therefore no longer necessary to implement sensors so that all required measuring positions are operated. In addition, the PeakStore512 can be remotely controlled via an app on a smartphone. So, no staff needs to be in the nacelle during the measurement.
Diagnosis is done preferably by order analysis. So, speed ripples have no influence and the
measuring results are absolutely reliable.
The operation is realized by a full-fledged integrated tablet PC and the software PAM. There
you can directly look at the data and analyze it locally. But you can also store additional information such as photographs and measurement protocols. Or you can send all data directly to a service provider like GfM, which creates an independent diagnostic report.
The PeakStore512 itself has the dimensions 272 mm x 198 mm x 45 mm and thus a smaller base area than a DIN A4 page. The housing is designed for industrial use. Measurement times of 1.5 s up to 164 s as well as indeterminate can be set. During the indetermined measurement time, approximately 4 hours of measurement data can be recorded with 12 channels, each with a sampling rate of 51.4 kHz.

Acceleration sensors with IEPE coupling are used, typically. These are digitized with a sampling rate of 51.4 kHz and an amplitude resolution of 24 bits. However, other sensors (for example, displacement sensors) with AC or DC coupling and individually adjustable sampling rates can be measured by each channel.
The 12-channel PeakStore512 will be available at the end of 2016. Alternatively, versions with eight, four and two channels are offered. The GfM can be found at the WindEnergy Hamburg 2016 in Hall B5 at booth 421.
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