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September Thursday

Seminar Peakanalyzer


The Peakanalyzer is an online condition monitoring system for mechanical drives. It automatically detects damage to rolling bearings and gearboxes. The Peakanalyzer is thus an important tool for the implementation of predictive maintenance. Damage can be detected in good time, the repair can be better organized and unplanned shutdowns can be largely avoided. And if the Peakanalyzer reports nothing, with virtually 100% certainty there is no irregularity on the drive.

Working with the Peakanalyzer is very easy. Acceleration sensors are once glued to the bearings of the drive, a speed sensor is installed, and the sensor cables are connected to the Peakanalyzer. During configuration, the design of the drive, the number of teeth of the gears and the damage frequencies of the rolling bearings transmitted by the bearing manufacturer are entered once. And already the Peakanalyzer starts with his work. Specialized knowledge in the field of machine diagnostics is definitely not required.

The one-day seminar Peakanalyzer takes place in Berlin in german language. Previous knowledge is not required.

Here you will find the flyer.

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