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Modified date 2019/09/16

Innovative News: PeakStore5 with balancing module

Balancing module
From now on we offer the vibration measuring system PeakStore5 with extension by the function balancing.
In this case, the vibrations caused by imbalance are measured on a fully assembled rotor and calculated required balancing weights. This is done in two balancing planes and at variable speed.
The process is simple. The two balancing planes are defined. Two accelerometers and a rotary encoder are installed. And there are a few inputs required. Then a first measurement is performed. Subsequently, a test mass is attached to a compensation plane and a test measurement is carried out. Thereafter, this process is repeated for the second level of compensation. Based on this data, the system calculates the balancing weights and locations of attachment. The system takes into account that the application of leveling compounds is only at certain angles or radii possible, or that the masses not added, but will be removed. Subsequently, up to five validation measurements are possible. Finally, a log is generated that documents the entire process and specifies the balancing quality according to DIN ISO 21940-11: 2017-03.

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