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Modified date 2016/08/26

Maintain 2017: Predictive maintenance for gearboxes

At the Maintain 2016 in Munich, the GfM again presents a wide range of products for machine diagnostics on rolling bearings. These are used for predictive maintenance and thus help to minimize standstill due to unexpected machine failures.
The GfM is known to visualize complex vibration diagnostic correlations practically and easily understandable. This is also implemented in the device families developed in-house. In the software Peakanalyzer Manager, results of vibration diagnosis are displayed easily understandable by a mechanical engineer without explicit diagnostic skills.
The GfM offers both, hardware products as well as machine diagnostics services. In addition the inspection of gears is carried out, if necessary by endoscopy.
An absolutely new feature is the offline vibration diagnosis system PeakStore5xx. Four, eight or twelve vibration channels and two speed channels are simultaneously measured. At many drives, it is no longer necessary to implement sensors, to operate all necessary measuring positions. Furthermore, the PeakStore512 can be remote controlled via an app on a smartphone. So, no staff needs to be directly near the machine during the measurement.
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